In design, we describe life

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, her studio is situated in the green suburbs. After snow, the fresh air—mixed with the scent of pine trees—flows into the room. Through floor-to-ceiling windows, the warm afternoon sunlight spreads over the work table covered with sketches.

As an independent fashion designer, she works and lives in the same space.
At home, she often works at the UPON table in front of a
floor-to-ceiling window for a few hours: painting, tailoring,
and sewing. The seemingly procedural work does not restrain her ideas,
rather she anticipates inspirational moments every day.
Freedom is her daily routine and UPON is her best partner.
While changing her posture from time to time, she keeps refreshing her body and mind.

The HELIX cabinet at hand stores all her design tools and beloved small objects.
Well-organized, they can always be accessed with ease.

Whether sewing, sketching or making a sample,
the concisely-lined TAIL chair supports her every posture—whether she is leaning forward or back.

Life shines beauty in details, but ultimately goes beyond details. In this space, design is the life she dreams and loves.


In discovery, we love life...


In play, we enjoy life...