Life has got all those twists and turns.
That's what makes life so beautiful!

Simply tap to access unlimited space

No need to pull or push just tap to open a 145° rotatable drawer. Two height options for multiple storage needs

See it and get it

Open storage space a center of stage for frequently used itemsRound frame a perfect protection for hands

Highly adaptable to your decent space

2 modular combinations 3 top/ bottom panel options 8 cabinet colors and 5 fabric finishes

Nimble as a cat

Silent and durable casters like the paws of a cat

Reaching the essentials in your space

Go beyond a table-side cabinet make the best use of a variety of space

An office assistant within your reach offering easy and efficient access to books documents and stationery
A movable bedside space where you can always access your earplugs eye masks and charging cables before bedtime
An ideal chatting or party companion to keep your soft drinks snacks and mobile phones